First blog post

This is the post excerpt. Also written by WordPress, like the post itself.

This is your my first post. It was largely made by WordPress itself, although I rewrote some stuff.

I like it, because I like the nice picture below. So it can stay 🙂


Plant a tree or plant 100000 …

A few days ago, I read in my favorite newspaper (in Dutch, for those who may be wondering): “Geniaal: drones planten 100.000 bomen per dag“. And I agree, it is genius, so I did a blogpost on one of my other blogs in Dutch! It’s a concept of the company BioCarbon Engineering. In another post from 2012, on that same site of mine, I posted a movie (I’ll repost it here at the end). In that movie, cameraman John D. Liu talks about how it is possible to restore practically totally destroyed ecosystems in a few years, mainly by planting trees (and let them grow, see the movie). John does not just talk about it, he also shows us very convincing footage of what happens if we work with nature, and not against it like we usually do!

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