Hi! I’m Rudy.

Rudy (like he looked in 2017, August 22)
Rudy (like he looked in 2017, August 22)

About Rudy:

  • Rudy is a Belgian (no panic, it’s just where he was born), and still lives in Belgium, Europe.
  • Rudy is a native Dutch – well, Flemish, actually – speaker. But he also speaks a few other languages, one of them obviously being English.
  • Rudy is an electronics engineer, sometimes highly creative, worked in ICT for far too long, is a blogger, a gardener and many more things.
  • Rudy is interested in many things: mathematics, physics, neurology, creativity, memory, astronomy, languages, beer, wine, impossible objects, architecture, AI, multimedia, image processing, nature, earthships & cob, …
  • Rudy does not like dogs, but he does like cats. And hedgehogs. 🙂
  • Rudy just wants to do his thing. And usually, he does quite well at that! 🙂
  • Rudy is usually a nice guy.
  • Rudy has a strong aversion to politicians (something that grows exponentially as years go by).
  • Rudy is not a diplomat. But he is honest and open minded. 🙂
  • Rudy is an atheist. There is no god, get over it.